SANIKILL Monochloramine Disinfection System

What it does

Simply- Disinfects Domestic Hot Water Plumbing Systems using Monochloramines

The Sanikill® System is a patented design to produce, dose, monitor and trim Monochloramines into a water system. Designed and Patented for use on the Domestic Hot water systems to prevent colonization of waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella. Monochloramines are more effective than other treatments due to their stability. This stability is what allows Monochloramines to penetrate biofilms without damaging the plumbing system. It is compatible with all types of piping.


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How it works

Simply- By dosing Monochloramines into the domestic hot water proportionate to the make-up flow, and adjusting that dosing by monitoring the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) reading from the return loop.